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Beautiful Chaos


Chaos is vital in order to create something of visual beauty. The phrase itself can be interpreted in many ways: one in terms of the actual aesthetics of the embroidery, and another in terms of the way the designer’s mind and imagination work. Many do not see the process and chaos behind the art we create as it is only the perfected end result that is displayed, however, behind every object of beauty, there is an imperfect chaotic side that shows the rigorous journey and process taken to achieve ultimate beauty and perfection.

This project not only shows that chaos is needed to create embroidery of visual beauty but also how the disorganisation and uncharted depths of the mind can be reformed into something beautiful through the process of allowing one’s imagination to rein free in an unrestrained drawing process, whilst utilising a slow, hand stitch technique to reorganise and refine the manifestation of chaos into beauty.

The end outcome of this project is targeted towards a high-end market, for consumers who seek individuality in a sophisticated and elegant manner with the incorporation of darker aesthetics and high craftsmanship.

FMP: Beautiful Chaos: Gallery
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